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Facials & Massages

European Facial


This treatment , involves exfoliation, application of steam to open 
the pores and skin cleansing. Firming massage is perfomed on the face, neck and chest. Apply an ampoule and mask appropriate to your skin type.

(80 minutes)

Deep Cleaning Facial


This facial is designed specifically for oily, with problems of acne, open pores and congested

(60 minutes)

Relaxation Massage


Classic soft massage, increases circulation and 
reduces stress relieving tension and pain muscle.

(60 minutes)

Reflexology Massage


Technique in which pressure is used on pointsstrategic hands and feet, which correspond to the major organs and glands of the body. Ideal to recover the balance of the human body.

(60 minutes)


Hot Stones Massage


Helps to relieve stress, hyperactivity nervous system, allowing the reunionwith the body and senses.

(90 minutes)

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